Technical Frequently Asked Questions

MSD Wayne Tech Support

If you are on this page, you likely have a technology problem you are not sure how to resolve. We鈥檙e sorry that you are not finding success with your tech and we鈥檙e here to help! You may not find it surprising, but many of the questions that the tech support team hears, are repeat questions! Some are easy enough to fix on your own so that you can get on your way to learning. We鈥檝e listed many of those here for you. We will keep this FAQ list updated as we hear from our students and staff. If you have a question not listed here, let us know when you get to the end that you cannot find your answer and we鈥檒l engage to help you!




Google Meet Troubleshooting and Tips

Please check out the
from the Wayne eLearning Team.

We are having trouble connecting to a Google Meet or are being dropped from Meets.


  • Make sure all other streaming services are not being used, examples would be Netflix, streaming music, some cable services, etc).
  • Close all non-needed tabs on the devices and if possible reduce the number of people on Meets at the same time.
  • Turn off the camera
  • Make sure the camera resolution is set to default (in the settings in Meet, click on the three dots)
  • Choose another option under 鈥楻eceive Resolution鈥 in settings
  • Turn off any extensions

I lost my charger, how do I get a new one?

Response: You can order . All the devices assigned to students use the same charger. Please note, all devices are to have an AC adapter with them when turned in each year or a charge will be billed to the family.

I lost my Stylus Pen, how do I get a new one?

Response: You can order replacement Stylus Pens for Lenovo 500e Chromebooks on Amazon .

When I boot my Chromebook, it comes up to an 鈥淓nterprise Login鈥 page.聽 Now what?

Response:Your Chromebook has been 鈥渨iped鈥, that is to say cleaned of its connection information.聽 You will need to take it to a TA in your school or bring it to a Repair Day to have it re-enrolled in the Wayne Google environment.

I can log into my Chromebook, but then can鈥檛 browse anywhere.

Response: Check your network connection in the lower right corner.聽 Click on the WiFi icon, then check to see that you are really connected to a valid network.

I鈥檓 having trouble logging in to itsLearning.聽

Response: Once you are logged in to the 鈥淲ayne Learning Hub鈥 access to ItsLearning should not require you to login. If you are still having trouble accessing ItsLearning, try clearing your browser history.

To clear your browser history,聽 Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the browser, history, history, clear browsing data, set time range to “all time”, ensure that all 3 boxes are checked, clear history, close and reopen chrome.

I lost my Quick Card and need another one.

Response:Let your teacher know and they can send or print a new one for you.

What if I don鈥檛 have a login for or my login doesn鈥檛 work?

Response: Email include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and the relationship(s) to the student(s)
  • Name of student(s) and school(s)
  • Phone number with area code to verify the request

I forgot my password to log in or for the Wayne Learning Hub.

Response: Contact your teacher they will be able to reset your password.

My child cannot get into their online textbook or digital learning software (Savva, IXL, HMH, McGraw-Hill, etc).

Response:Let your child’s teacher know and they will have someone look into it.

I am not getting ParentSquare messages/announcements.

Response:If you are a guardian in Skyward, then please check with your school admin for support in checking that your info in Skyward is up to date.聽 If you are not a guardian in Skyward, then you will not be able to access ParentSquare.聽 If you should be a guardian in Skyward and are not, reach out to your school admin for help.

My device is not connected to the Internet, what should I do?s.

Response:First, watch the
Second, consider which wireless situation you have and watch one of these more detailed solution videos .

Do I ever need to shut down or reboot my Chromebook?

搁别蝉辫辞苍蝉别:听Yes, at least once a day.

Closing the lid on your Chromebook does not perform a 鈥渟hut down鈥. Performing a 鈥淪hut down鈥 cleans up the Chromebook resources, and provides any updates required to stay compatible with our systems. Not performing a daily 鈥淪hut down鈥 can cause problems such as slowness, screen freezing, random disconnects from apps such as Meet, and not being able to connect to the internet.

To 鈥淪hut down鈥 a Chromebook,

    1. 鈥淪ign out鈥, click on the toolbar at bottom right of the screen to see sign out.
    2. The screen will turn blank, wait for the screen to display again.
    3. Select 鈥淪hut down鈥 in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
    4. Close the lid.


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