50 Facts about the MSD of Wayne Township

50 Interesting Facts about the MSD of Wayne Township

1. Are the boundaries for Wayne Township and MSD Wayne different? Yes
2. When was the MSD of Wayne Township established? 1962 (Wayne Township Schools in 1852)
3. How many square miles is the MSD of Wayne Township? 37.5
4. What percentage of Wayne Township residents have children in school? 27%
5. How many superintendents have served MSD Wayne? 5
6. What is our annual budget for 2021? $288 million
7. How much did we receive per student from the state in 2020-21? $6,700 (Foundation) and $753 (Complexity Index) or $7,453 total
8. How many propane buses does the district have? 68
9. What is the 鈥渃ircuit breaker鈥 loss in 2020 for MSD Wayne? $14,260,952
10. What is the total loss in property tax revenue since 2008? $117,049,497
11. How much will our solar farm help us save in energy costs at Ben Davis High School and Ninth Grade Center? 70%
12. How many budget funds do we operate? Beginning in 2019, a change was made by the state to go from 7 funds (General Fund, Capital Projects, Transportation, Bus Replacement, Debt Service, Pension Debt Service, Referendum) to 2 (Education and Operations)
13. Which fund does not receive local property tax? Education Fund
14. How many students are enrolled in MSD Wayne schools (preK 鈥 12)? 16,451
15. How many employees does MSD Wayne have? 2,300
16. How many facilities does MSD Wayne own? 23
17. What is the average teacher age? 37
18. What is the average salary for teachers? $56,000
19. What is the demographic make-up of our student population? Black: 35.5%; Hispanic: 28.7%; White: 28.8%; Multiracial: 6.1%
20. How many students qualify for free/reduced textbooks? 76%
21. What does our annual technology plan cost on average? $4.5 million
22. How many high schools do we have? 3
23. What is our four-year graduation rate? 91%
24. How many buses do we operate? 153
25. How many miles do our buses drive annually? 1 million
26. How many bus routes do we run each day? 575
27. At how many bus stops do we pick up/drop off students each day? 7,200
28. How many college credits did our students earn last year? 30,000
29. How many elementary schools do we have? 12
30. How many meals do we serve each year? 4 million
31. How many Advanced Placement classes can students choose from? 28
32. How many square feet do we operate? 3.3 million
33. How many CTE programs can students choose from at Area 31? 41
34. What does our preventive maintenance plan cost annually? $4-5 million
35. How many students are in music programs in our secondary schools? 2,074
36. How many free summer meals did the MSD Wayne serve in 2020? 135,744
37. How many clubs/academic teams do we have in grades 7-12? 144
38. How many students were considered homeless in MSD Wayne in 2020-21? 401
39. How many athletic teams do we have in grades 7-12? 119
40. How many students go home each Friday with a backpack of food? 900
41. How many students are in the LAP program? 2,885
42. How many business/nonprofit partnerships do we have? 300 and growing
43. What is the new name of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)? The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
44. How many languages do our students speak? Between 67 and 75 depending on the day
45. How many PC鈥檚, laptops, and tablets do we support? 15,000
46. What is our average class size in kindergarten? 23
47. How much grant money do we receive annually to operate Internet services? $500,000
48. What is our average class size in 6th grade? 27
49. How many board of education members do we have? 7
50. Which people require a criminal history background check? Anyone who comes in contact with students.

Revised 7/13/21